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Globally certified SaaS designed for modern governments and institutions

Technology platform that allows your organization to meet its youth employability goals.

Our focus is on the delivery of innovative, best in class, informative and actionable

Brivan Digisol brings systematic and experiential approach to solve social problems through use of technology at scale and speed. Weaving a rich tapestry of individual happiness, economic growth and social stability for countries and the  world.

Personalized solution for the client

Customized technology solution

Every country has its own unique educational system. One solution does not apply everywhere. Brivan Digisol develops bespoke solutions that are uniquely relevant to your requirements.

Institutional brand & identity

As the technological solution is customized for and owned by the client, the solution reaches the users under the client’s brand, design and unique identity.

Data privacy and ownership assured

Ensure student data privacy

The application is handed over to the client and hosted on on-site / cloud servers owned / leased by them. The data is 100% owned by the client.

Take the complete ownership of the code

No hassle of license fee. One time development cost ensures economies of scale as you use the platform for your entire student population year after year.

Hierarchical architecture for actionable reports & analytics

Customized user hierarchy

Clients can scale up to any size of population in line with their institutional user hierarchy with required capacity enhancements in server / cloud services.

Reports and Analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics functionality can be customised to produce reports and dashboards in line with the institutional hierarchy with customized filters and formats.

Personalized content to suit

Localised Content

Be it world of work, world of learning, choice of psychometric assessment or any other feature, Brivan Digisol works with the client to customize the content as required.

Language Translation

The platform can be developed in any local language or multiple languages as may be required by the client to suit the needs of different users in the region. desktop-front-mobile2

Designed for governments & institutions

Addressing the need of the governments or institutions to work towards youth employ-ability. To minimize the educated unemployment and underemployment through matching of youth learning choices with opportunities in the labour market.

Reimagine youth future readiness with our forward-thinking technological solutions

Empower youth by enhancing their level of awareness and enabling informed decision making. A process based  approach for:

Complete suite of technological features, designed for your Audience

Brivan Digisol solutions not only connect youth learning to work but also enable governments and institutions to monitor the progress and participate in the process of youth transition. Our use cases serve varied needs of analytics and dashboards at all levels.

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Certified By Education Alliance Finland

Member Of UNDP Business Call To Action

Department of Information Tech & Comm, Govt of Haryana

Government of Jammu & Kashmir

Government of Uttarakhand

NTPC - A Maharatna Company

International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance