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Unlocking Digital Potential

Seamless Integration of Software and Hardware

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Data-Driven Decisions, Delivered

Empowering Government and Enterprises Alike

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Empowering Tomorrow's Networks

Innovative Solutions for a Connected World

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Empowering Your Digital Evolution

Innovative Solutions for Cybersecurity, Audit & Compliance, Networking, and Computing

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Securing Today for a Resilient Tomorrow

Unleash the Power of Brivan Cyber: Safeguarding Your Digital World

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Navigating Regulations, Ensuring Excellence

Brivan Audit: Your Path to Unwavering Security and Regulatory Compliance

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Connecting Beyond Boundaries, Enhancing Possibilities

Brivan Network: Unleashing the Potential of Cutting-Edge Networking Solutions

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Innovating Hardware Solutions, Customizing Your Tomorrow

Brivan Computing: Redefining Possibilities in Technology Solutions

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About Us

Welcome to Brivan Digisol, your trusted partner in the world of technology solutions. We are a fully certified Systems Integration firm known for our exceptional expertise in working across all layers of network infrastructure. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and security has made us a renowned name in the industry.

We offer products, services and solutions in Cybersecurity, Audit & Compliance, Networking and Computing. We pride ourselves on our wide range of products and solutions, in partnership with a dynamic collective of OEMs, all driven by a shared mission: to provide exceptional products, services, and solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our unwavering dedication to excellence serves as the cornerstone for enabling businesses to flourish within the ever-changing realms of cybersecurity, audit & compliance, networking, and computing.

Brivan Cyber: Cutting-edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Brivan Cyber, where security meets innovation in a seamless blend. Our expert team, armed with industry-leading certifications, stands as a force to reckon with, delivering best-in-class cybersecurity services. Through strategic collaborations with global service providers, we are empowered to swiftly neutralize cyber risks, ensuring your digital landscape remains fortified at all times.

Elevating Security Standards

Our advanced assessment, threat monitoring, detection, and mitigation capabilities ensure that businesses maintain a strong security posture.

Expert Cybersecurity Team

Our team of cybersecurity specialists, armed with industry-leading certifications, offers best-in-class cybersecurity services.

Global Partnerships

Partnership with global service providers enables us to identify and neutralize cyber risks in real-time.

Brivan Audit: Empowering Digital Security and Compliance

Step into a realm of digital security and regulatory prowess with Brivan Audit. Our comprehensive solutions forge unassailable safeguards for organizations, bolstering their cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. With a diverse spectrum of expertise spanning SOC 2 compliance, ISO 27001 certification, PCI-DSS, CMMC, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and beyond, we stand as sentinels of your digital fortification. Guided by seasoned information security auditors and astute finance professionals, our insights illuminate the path through the intricate landscape of digital security.

Fostering Security and Compliance

Brivan Audit empowers organizations with comprehensive solutions that establish robust digital security and ensure unwavering regulatory compliance.

Expertise Across the Spectrum

Our expertise covers a range of cybersecurity audits, including SOC 2 compliance, ISO 27001 certification, PCI-DSS, CMMC, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and more.

Experienced Auditor Insights

Our seasoned information security auditors and finance professionals provide invaluable insights that guide you through the digital security landscape.

Brivan Network: Elevating Networking Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of networking innovation with Brivan Network. As a stalwart in Networking Solutions, we proudly collaborate with Government and prominent Private Organizations to architect connectivity solutions of distinction. Unveil a world of cutting-edge technology, embracing Active and Passive Products, Surveillance & Access Control, Audio Video, Power Backup, and more. Our formidable alliances with global leaders empower us to deliver solutions that not only bridge gaps but foster seamless and enriched connectivity experiences.

Large Client Base

Brivan Network is a prominent player in Networking Solutions, working with Government & Large Private Organizations.

Wide Product Portfolio

Our diverse range of cutting-edge technology products and solutions includes Active and Passive Products, Surveillance & Access Control, Audio Video, Power Backup, and more.

Global Alliances

Strong alliances with leading brands worldwide enable us to deliver efficient solutions that empower enhanced connectivity.

Brivan Computing: Innovative Technology Solutions

Brivan Computing, a beacon of innovation in the realm of technology solutions. As a trailblazer, we offer a diverse product portfolio featuring ultra-thin clients, open pluggable systems (OPS), industrial panel computers, and mini PCs. Our distinctive “Made in India” identity fuels our commitment to crafting personalized hardware solutions, meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive needs of our clients, bringing their visions to life through cutting-edge technology.

Innovative Computing Solutions

Brivan Computing stands as a leading provider of innovative and versatile technology solutions.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Our product portfolio encompasses ultra-thin clients, open pluggable systems (OPS), industrial panel computers, and mini PCs.

Indegenous & Customized

With a "Made in India" identity, we offer customized hardware solutions tailored to our clients' unique requirements.


As a regional distributor and value-added partner, we have established strong business alliances with leading brands worldwide. Through our partnerships are able to offer cutting-edge technologies and deliver efficient solutions that enable enhanced connectivity, empowering our clients to stay ahead in the market.


Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional products and solutions through our partnerships. We also possess unparalleled capabilities to offer extensive product and engineering services. Our team is rigorously trained and certified by our partners, enabling us to provide expert level technical services.

24x7 Support

We recognize the criticality of reliable technology backbone and we therefore provide round-the-clock technical support to our customers, ensuring immediate on-site resolution of any issue that may arise. Our dedicated team is committed to minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business.

Contact Us

Ready to unlock the potential of connected possibilities? Reach out to Brivan Digisol today and let us guide you toward a future where technology connects and empowers your world.

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