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We have an expert team of cybersecurity specialists dedicated to safeguarding your digital world. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who have acquired industry-leading certifications and qualifications. Our partnership with leading global service providers enables us to offer best-in-class cybersecurity services to our customers. Protect your digital environment with Brivan Cyber

End-To-End services in all aspects of cybersecurity

A one stop solution for your protection.


What processes and assets need protection?


Implement appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of assets of enterprises


Implement appropriate mechanisms to identify the occurence of cybersecurity incidents


Develop techniques to contain the impact of cybersecurity events


Implement the appropriate processes to restore capabilities and services impaired due to cybersecurity events

We bring you the world's best in cybersecurity

In partnership with the industry’s highest rated services providers

We believe in collaboration and understand the power of partnerships in delivering superior cybersecurity solutions. To enhance our offerings, we have forged strategic alliances with leading technology providers and industry experts. These partnerships enable us to access cutting-edge tools, resources, and best practices, allowing us to deliver the most suitable solutions for your organization.

Risk Assessment

For compliance and security readiness

Identify Assets

• Tangible and Intangible
• People
• Process
• Technology

Identify Threats & Vulnerabilities

• Environment
• Human
• Social
• Internal & External

Assess Current State

• Are we doing the right things?
• Are we doing them the right way?
• Are we getting them done well?
• Are we getting the benefits?

Evaluate Risks

• Business Impact Analysis
• Quantiative & Qualitative Analysis
• Probability and Impact Assessment
• Risk Prioritization

Assign Ownership

• An Individual not a team or department

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Verifying and assessing your security posture

Information Congregation

Gather information about the target system

Vulnerability Assessment

Scan for vulnerabilities using manual/automated process

Reporting/Result Analysis

Preparation of security review reports

Threat Analysis

Define Scope and create threat profile

Exploitation/In-depth penetration testing

Carry out exploitations on the validated vulnerabilities

Security information & Event management (SIEM)

Auditing and analyzing your event logs

Log Collection

Log Analysis

Event Correlation

Log Forensics

IT Compliance

App Log Monitoring

Object Access Auditing


SIEM software products and services are used to combine data on security information management and security events.


User Activity Monitoring



File Integrity Monitoring

System & Device Log Monitoring

Log Retention

The Fastest MDR on the Planet

Rely on machine-speed technology run by dedicated analysts to adapt to today’s threat landscape.

Follow-the-Sun Coverage

Our analysts monitor 24x7x365 for changes to your environment, and are prepared to respond no matter where you are in the world.

Shorter MTTD & MTTR

SentinelOne’s 18-minute MTTR makes Vigilance the fastest MDR service in the business.

SOC Team Augmentation

Offloading day-to-day operationalization and threat hunting to our MDR experts lets your team refocus on program strategy.

Fewer Alerts, More Context

Vigilance adds human context to Storyline™ technology, saving even more time spent aggregating, correlating, and contextualizing alerts.

A Human Lens to Security

As extensions of your team, our analysts learn to triage and prioritize events based on the unique needs of your program.

Documentation & Reporting

Every identified threat in your environment is reviewed, documented, and incorporated as part of your ongoing reporting cadence.

Security Operations Center

Key components of SOC

1. Key SOC Personnel

2. Critical managed SOC Process

3. Vital SOC Technologies

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer


Business Experience

A leader who has the business acumen to talk to and speak with senior leaders and board members.

Cyber Threats and Security

Understanding of threat motives, actors techniques and their compensating controls.


Takes a business approach to security has direct experience to appreciate uniqueness and challenges to industry.

Information Systems

Expertise with networking, servers and workstations, applications and other systems.

People Skills

Approachable communicator, understands business acumen translator.


Strong familiarity with regulations experience working with internal and external auditors.

World-Class training modules

Measurable enterprise-strength pre & post training

Train your users

The world's largest library of security awareness training content. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.

Phish your users

Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates.

See the results

Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI!

Cyber-Insurance Readiness

And insurance assessment support

Global Cyber Insurance Market

Opportunities and forecast, 2019-2026

Cyber Insurance Market is expected to garner $28.6 Billion by 2026.

Growing at a CAGR of 24.9% (2019-2026)

Why are we your best cybersecurity partner?

Comprehensive Solutions

Vast portfolio of 10+ security services

24x7 Monitoring

Along with real-time alerting & responses

Integrated & Automated

Next-gen AI-led which integrates with customer-side tools

Simplified Pricing

Attractive pricing options leading to lower operations cost